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5 Lessons We Can Learn From Gen Z Brands

​​If you’ve been doing a lot of online shopping recently, you’d notice that a lot of the trendy brands are owned by Gen Z’s and millennials; they certainly are dominating the market.

A lot of the founders and owners of these brands don’t have a high level of education or are well-versed in fancy technology.

So what makes these young brands so desirable?

In this post, we will be sharing five key elements contributing to the success of these brands and lessons we can learn.

1.Be Passionate

This might seem like a given, but your passion and drive for what you do can take you a long way. Your customers and audience on social media can easily tell if you genuinely love what you do and believe in the products you sell. With that in mind, use your social media platforms to share how much you love the industry you’re in and stay involved as much as possible.

2. Authenticity is Key

Long gone are the days when highly-edited and studio-professional product pictures are customers’ preferred content type. Now, authenticity is where it’s at.

Customers love to see the process and behind-the-scenes. That being said, don’t shy away from showing the good, bad, and ugly parts of running a business because your audience would appreciate it.

On top of that, don’t worry about having the most edited or aesthetically pleasing photos. Instead, focus on showing what your company stands for and what you’re doing to constantly improve.

3. TikTok Rules All

It’s one thing to use TikTok on a daily basis for pure entertainment, but it’s a completely different thing to use it for business purposes.

These young brands are putting a lot of effort into creating and posting engaging TikToks daily to convert customers.

The TikTok algorithm is tricky and ever-changing, to say the least. There really isn’t a way to crack the code on how to “go viral.” But the best way to increase awareness and build a following is by posting consistently - several times a day.

4. Always Find Ways to Include Diversity

Many of the businesses run by Gen Zs and millennials are constantly thinking about ways to make everyone from different walks of life feel included.

Many big brands have been called out on several occasions for their lack of awareness and inclusion. For instance, many makeup brands have been “canceled” for their highly limited foundation shade ranges because it makes the brand appear insensitive.

Being more diverse will not only make your company look good from a PR standpoint but will also help you reach more customers - so do it!

5. Political and Social Awareness Are Important

Being aware of issues that affect your target market and fighting for a good cause is key to running a business in this modern world.

For instance, with the recent overturn of Roe v Wade, many young brands are looking for ways to support abortion funds and make sure that their audience who are affected feels heard.


If you’re looking to improve your business strategy or start your own brand, these are good things to keep in mind as you execute your plan.


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