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5 Tips to Nail Your Virtual Interview

With COVID-19 and many companies adapting either a remote or hybrid work model, many hiring managers are choosing to conduct job interviews virtually.

According to a study conducted by HireVue, “41 percent of 1,140 hiring leaders said they plan to use a combination of in-person and virtual interviews.” In addition, “The research found that 23 percent of respondents plan to move solely to virtual interviewing.”

While being interviewed virtually may seem less nerve-wracking, it does come with some challenges. With that said, in this article, we will be giving you some tips to help you nail your virtual interview like no other.

Yes, the following tips may seem small and insignificant, but they’re often overlooked and can actually make a big difference.

Tip #1: Don’t Lose Your Connection

One of the biggest challenges of being interviewed remotely is ensuring that your Internet connection stays strong throughout. You certainly don’t want to constantly have the hiring manager repeat what they’ve just said or suddenly get logged out of the interview call.

Therefore, test your WiFi strength beforehand. If you already know that your WiFi at home is choppy, consider going to a friend's place or using a study room.

Tip#2: Dress the Part

Just because the hiring manager won’t see your whole outfit doesn’t mean that you should wear sweats and be lousy with the way you dress. Even though you certainly can, refrain from dressing formally at the top and casually at the bottom. Dress up the way you would if you were to be interviewed in person.

According to Dr. Audrey Tang, a psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society, “When we dress up, we walk taller – and that change in our posture has a massive effect psychologically on our brains.”

Trust us, putting on a nice outfit will greatly affect how you feel and, consequently, affect the outcome of your interview.

Tip#3: Body Language Is Key

When you’re talking to someone over Zoom or video call, it’s difficult to tell if they’re engaged in the conversation. Needless to say, during your virtual interview, make the extra effort to show that you’re listening and are engaged by nodding your head, raising an eyebrow, and such. Even subtle facial gestures can make a difference and show the hiring manager your sincerity.

On top of that, make sure to maintain eye contact by looking directly at the camera as needed. Refrain from staring straight at the screen as it may appear as though you’re just looking at yourself.

Tip#4: Stand, If Possible

This tip might seem absurd and a little unnecessary, but if possible, stay standing during your interview. Here are a few reasons why - (1) it will keep you alert, (3) it will prevent you from slouching and looking uninterested, and (3) it will help you feel more confident and, in return, improve the way you speak and present yourself.

Tip#5: Strategically Use a Cheat Sheet

A benefit of being interviewed virtually is being able to have notes or cheat sheets. Although online interviews allow you to do so, still prepare as much as you can and don’t rely on them. Furthermore, if you do have a cheat sheet pulled up on your computer screen, don’t just stare at it; only take glances when necessary. With that said, keep your notes and cheat sheet as brief as possible (use bullet points instead of paragraph form).


There you have it - those are five tips to help you do well on your virtual job interview. If you thoughtfully prepare, be yourself, and follow these tips, you’ll be just fine. Good luck!


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