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AI-Powered Tools to Supercharge Your Workday

The rise of artificial intelligence may be unsettling for some, but there’s no denying that AI can be immensely useful in the workspace, completing the boring, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks so that you can focus on the parts that really matter.

Not only can AI improve productivity at your workplace, it can also provide valuable insights through data analysis and strengthen the decision making process.

Fireflies AI

If you are frequently trying to jot down notes during meetings, Fireflies may be the solution for you! This AI tool can connect with your video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Meet and will transcribe the entire meeting, allowing you to focus on communicating. Afterward, it offers a search function to find action items and tasks, and your colleagues can also access and interact with the transcript to comment and clarify information. If you’re curious about data from the meeting, Fireflies can also give you a breakdown on how long everyone spoke for, and how many questions they asked!

If you work with large amounts of data and often have to create spreadsheets to analyse and find insights, can aid you with your work! This AI program can quickly extract the most important information from your datasets, and help you categorise the values. In addition, it can help you write complex formulas for your spreadsheets and handle all the repetitive tasks such as formatting.


There’s no doubt that emails are a vital yet tedious part of every job, and Flowrite could be the solution for that! This tool is an AI email writer that writes your daily emails and messages across different platforms, by receiving basic inputs and information such as the message template and any short instructions needed. These messages will all still be highly personalised, ensuring that your conversations still feel genuine yet professional.

Digital Genius

Digital Genius is a powerful tool that can provide AI-powered customer service for businesses! In addition to automating basic tasks such as responding to customer inquiries and recommending products, it will also analyse customer data and provide insights on the behaviours, needs, and preferences of customers, allowing you to better perform your job.


If your job involves contacting potential clients and collaborators, ContactOut is the perfect AI tool to simplify the process of finding contact information! No longer will you have to search through LinkedIn profiles and portfolios to find active emails and phone numbers, because this AI program can do that for you.


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