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AI's Evolution: From Job Disruption to Job Creation

Artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping our world and the job market. While some roles face the risk of automation, AI simultaneously paves the way for a plethora of novel occupations.

The roles most susceptible to automation include repetitive data management tasks, routine customer services, and certain positions in legal administration, engineering, and healthcare. But fear not - AI's rise promises more than job disruptions.

Future Job Roles Shaped by AI:

1. Prompt Engineer: The increasing dependence on generative AI systems demands experts who can craft precise prompts. These professionals, equipped with a profound grasp of AI language models like ChatGPT and Bard, fine-tune the AI’s output. No coding prowess required, but a knack for making the AI work for you is essential.

2. AI Trainers: Before AI becomes a company mainstay, it requires thorough training. These trainers guide AI systems, ensuring they interact seamlessly, especially in customer-facing roles. They're tasked with correcting any inadvertent errors or biases AI might exhibit.

3. AI Ethicists: With AI void of human ethics, there's an emergent need for specialists to instill ethical behaviours, ensuring responsible AI use. They work relentlessly to curb biases, promoting fairness in AI systems.

4. Machine Managers: AI's reach extends beyond digital. Machine managers oversee AI-driven hardware, ensuring they operate seamlessly. A foundation in computer science or engineering is essential for these roles.

5. AI Influencer Managers: Brands are increasingly leveraging AI influencers for promotions. These managers oversee the AI's digital presence, strategise its growth, and coordinate with content producers. A marketing background is crucial for this role.

6. AI Artists: With AI art gaining traction, AI artists, versed in generating specific art styles using AI, are in demand. They bring visions to life using AI, creating tailored images for diverse needs.

Considering a career amidst this AI-driven job landscape? While computer science degrees remain a gold standard, don't sideline degrees like linguistics, ethics, neuroscience, or psychology. As AI permeates workplaces globally, it not only reshapes jobs but also introduces myriad novel opportunities.


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