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Feature: Aanchal Wadhwani

“Mum taught us growing up that it’s really important to do something that you’re genuinely passionate about.”

Endlessly talented Aanchal Wadhwani is a real multi-hyphenate. She is a photographer, art director, model, and entrepreneur with four! businesses: Matryoshka Studio, Stage Creatives, Stage Management, and Academy of Design. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Aanchal is actually a representative of a rare Sindhi ethnicity. Add the fact that her brand name is Matryoshka (traditional Russian dolls), and you’ll get her universal approach to everything she does. So we asked Aanchal several questions to know more about her life philosophy and how she manages to wear so many hats.

What are your competitive advantages as a female photographer?

Okay, I dare say that female photographer have a different eye for beauty, we have a different understanding of the female body, and! proven fact, we see colours differently than men.

Any benefits of being a non-Chinese Hong Konger?

The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is being multi-cultural and multi-lingual. I value the ability to speak many languages, though I’m not great at it.

You have a very diversified set of skills. What’s the source of your passion and energy?

Mum taught us growing up that it’s really important to do something that you’re genuinely passionate about. Because there’s going to be difficult days and there’s going to be moments when you think that you’re not doing really well, and to pull you through all of these days is the love for what you do. So that’s what both me and my sister ended up doing. We sort of followed our dreams and passions, and that’s where the energy comes.

Tell us two things we didn’t know about your businesses.

  1. Matryoshka started off as a hand-made jewellery brand when I was 16.

  2. Stage Creatives & Stage Management are both sister companies that work with home-grown talents, artists, and creatives in the city. What makes us special is that we prioritize our talents loyalty, happiness, and trust.

Every time I find there’s something I can improve within my industry, I do it.

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