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Aanchal Wadhwani: Entrepreneurial Insights from a Multi-faceted Business Owner

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

“Mum taught us growing up that it’s really important to do something that you’re genuinely passionate about.”

For many business owners, the journey from passion to enterprise is both challenging and rewarding. Aanchal Wadhwani stands as a testament to this. A prolific entrepreneur, she seamlessly wears multiple hats — from being a professional photographer and art director to running successful businesses. Operating four diverse enterprises — Matryoshka Studio, Stage Creatives, Stage Management, and Academy of Design — Aanchal embodies the essence of dynamic entrepreneurship.

Born in the bustling hub of Hong Kong, Aanchal represents the unique Sindhi ethnicity, adding to her multifaceted identity. The global appeal of her brand Matryoshka, named after the iconic Russian dolls, further underscores her broad vision. Learn about her worldview, passion, and the drive behind her multiple ventures.

Q: Aanchal, you're a recognized female photographer. Do you feel that gives you a unique advantage?

Absolutely. Female photographers often perceive beauty differently. We possess an innate understanding of the female form, and interestingly, we even perceive colors differently than men.

Q: Many business owners in Hong Kong come from diverse backgrounds. How has being a non-Chinese Hong Konger benefited you in your ventures?The most significant advantage for me is the cultural and linguistic diversity. While I may not be fluent in every language, the ability to communicate in multiple tongues is invaluable.

Q: Passion and energy are vital for any business owner. Where do yours stem from?

Growing up, my mother emphasized the importance of pursuing genuine passions. In the world of business, challenges are par for the course. However, when you're rooted in passion, it fuels resilience and innovation. This philosophy has been a cornerstone for both my sister and me in our respective ventures.

Q: For our entrepreneur readers, could you share some unique insights about your businesses?

  1. Matryoshka started off as a hand-made jewellery brand when I was 16.

  2. Stage Creatives & Stage Management are both sister companies that work with home-grown talents, artists, and creatives in the city. What makes us special is that we prioritize our talents loyalty, happiness, and trust.

Every time I find there’s something I can improve within my industry, I do it.

Aanchal Wadhwani’s journey illuminates the pathway for many aspiring business owners. Her experiences emphasize the importance of passion, adaptability, and continuous growth. In a world where businesses are constantly evolving, individuals like Aanchal remind us that with the right vision and perseverance, success is achievable.

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