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How and Where to Shop Sustainably

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

You may think creating a more sustainable wardrobe is daunting and more expensive. The truth is, changing some small shopping habits and knowing where to look for ethical items is easier than it seems.

  • Buying high-quality timeless pieces that you can wear for much longer than regular fast fashion is a way to change your shopping habits to be more ethical.

  • Upcycling your clothes and making multiple different outfits with key items means you can get the most out of your favourite clothes while also decreasing the amount of fashion that ends up in landfills (300,000 tonnes every year!)

  • Find sustainable brands with ethical practices. Often people have the misconception that sustainable fashion is hard to come by, wildly expensive, and “bland” or “hippy-ish”. This is not the case as there are so many gorgeous items available especially in recent years as we are all looking to more conscious alternatives. Many brands are focused on boycotting fast fashion and unethical working conditions that exploit workers. It’s important to support these brands so we can work towards a more sustainable future!

  • Look out for recycled goods, where waste, plastic, and textiles have been recreated as new products. Clothes are also being made with sustainable fibers and fabrics, which use less water and exert less waste along the way, making these buys better for the environment.

Since the pandemic, our shopping habits have definitely changed and we are turning to more shops online. Below are a few of our favourite sustainable items that are great for your style -- and the environment!


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