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How To Dress The Apple Body Shape

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Everyone’s bodies are different and beautifully unique but sometimes, finding the outfits that compliment your body type can be challenging. It’s important to know the best pieces to accentuate your best features and what types of clothing you might want to avoid. If you have an Apple body type, you want to define your waistline and show off your legs.

What Is An Apple Body Shape?

Apple Body types typically have broader backs and shoulders with little definition on the waist, meaning they have a thicker midsection. This type tends to carry the most weight on their bust and waist. Their best features are usually their slim legs. The Apple body type ratio of bust: waist: hips is 4:4:3.

Other Celebrities who also have the Apple body shape:

  • Kate Upton

  • Drew Barrymore

  • Octavia Spencer

  • Jiang Xin

What clothes are flattering for the Apple body shape:

The Apple body type can focus more on relaxed fitted clothes with loose fitting fabrics such as chiffon. It also helps to wear dark colours such as navy, brown and black to create a slimmer look. If you’re feeling more creative, you can never go wrong with bold patterns and prints! You want to look for silhouettes that create a more defined waistline like the beloved A-line skirt and belted waists.


As the Apple body has a larger bust, you want to opt for necklines that can help highlight and accentuate your curves. A wide and lower neckline works great for this body type such as a square neckline and low v neckline, this draws attention to your bust, shoulders and collarbone.


When choosing dresses, low cut dresses with A-line silhouettes are always a good choice for your body as it accentuates the bust and elongates your neck, giving the appearance of a taller frame. Wrap dresses are flattering for your body type as they cinch in your waist while empire dresses are great for redefining where your waist is. You can definitely pull off mini dresses if you want to show off those legs.


Like dresses, A-line skirts are great on the Apple body type. Skirts that are full and flare out, like A-line and peplum, give the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Pants and Jeans

For pants and jeans, you can try out different cuts and silhouettes such as bootcut, straight legs and wide. These cuts can balance out your figure. Dark coloured mid-rise to high waist pants that go to your belly button work beautifully on the Apple body since it can camouflage your midriff.


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