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Innovative Brand Packaging Design: How to Stand Out on the Shelves

In today's saturated market, brand packaging plays a critical role in standing out amidst fierce competition. Investing in high-quality, creative packaging design is essential for brands to differentiate themselves and capture consumer attention. The rise of unpackaging videos on social media underscores the significance of the packaging experience, showcasing that it's not just about the product itself but the entire unboxing journey. Your brand's packaging should be visually striking and distinct, reinforcing its identity and creating a personalized and thrilling customer experience!

Here we will look at brands that are killing it with their packaging and hopefully provide you with some inspiration and the importance of unique brand packaging in this current market.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster stands out as a top eyewear brand renowned for its unique eyewear and innovative marketing campaigns. A prime example is their Jelly collection's PR packaging, which screams cuteness and nostalgia reminiscent of childhood days. This thoughtful design elevates the glasses from mere products to engaging experiences, leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Notably, the packaging itself is tailored to influencer unboxing on camera, showcasing Gentle Monster's understanding of the influence of social media marketing.

Tiktok @@jullzbek

Flower Knows

Flower Knows, a Chinese-owned cosmetics brand, captivates with its exceptionally creative and stunning makeup products. Drawing inspiration from the enchantment of fairy tales and artistic masterpieces, the brand's designs boast intricate details and themed collections. Their packaging has garnered considerable attention on social media, with influencers marveling at both the beauty and quality of the products. Flower Knows has a strong brand identity centered around fantasy and originality in their packaging designs, setting them apart from other makeup brands in the market.

Tiktok @j.uuuuudy

Fish Wife

Innovation isn't exclusive to beauty and fashion; Fish Wife is revolutionizing the sardine industry. Traditionally associated with a pungent odor and unappealing packaging, sardines haven't had the most glamorous reputation. However, Fish Wife is changing the game with its vibrant, vintage-inspired designs that entice consumers to take a closer look. Fish Wife's success exemplifies how creativity and design can transform a mundane product into a standout brand in a crowded market like the food industry.

Tiktok @daywithmei


When it comes to wine, the conventional image of a bottle or box is quickly replaced by the innovative approach of VineBox. Their sleek, cylindrical bottles deviate from the norm, resembling miniature perfume containers rather than traditional wine bottles. This unexpected design adds to the allure of Vine Box's wines, enticing consumers not only to savor the delicious contents but also to try the unconventional experience they offer. By daring to depart from the standard wine packaging, VineBox establishes itself as a distinctive entity within the competitive alcohol industry. In a market saturated with options, their unique and thoughtful design sets them apart, proving that sometimes, all it takes is a fresh perspective to make a lasting impression.

IG: @getvinebox

These brands have demonstrated the power of thoughtful brand packaging design in distinguishing themselves from competitors. They've shown that embracing innovation and daring to deviate from the norm can yield remarkable results. In today's market, the product alone isn't sufficient; packaging serves as the initial impression and often engages customers in a unique and memorable manner.


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