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What Colour Suits YOU? 2022's Colour Palette Edition

The ultimate fashion question we ask ourselves… There can be so many colours that we love to wear, but they may not love us back. Anyone can wear any shade of colour but not necessarily get the same results. Everyone is different. We all have different skin complexions, hair tones, and eye colours. For every one of these features, different colours will uniquely enhance their beauty. Let's find out which hue of the 2022 colour palette suits you best!

To begin, let's refresh our memory on knowing what type of undertone your skin has!

Regardless of your skin colour, your skin's undertone can be warm, cool, or neutral. Try these tricks to learn more about your skin undertone.

Check your veins

Sounds weird, huh? Your veins' colour appearance, whether green or blue, can help you determine your skin's undertone. If you notice a bluish colour, then your skin is cool. If you see a greenish tint, then your skin is warm.

Check your Basics

Look at your wardrobe-essentials. Do you tend to wear black or white? If so, you may have a cool skin undertone. If you opt for ivory hues or shades of brown, then there is a chance your skin is warm.

2022s Color Palette:

Now that we have the skin undertone situation covered let's talk colours!

Orchid Flower

A beautiful vibrant rose hue that can instantly add a pop of colour to any outfit with its natural intensity. "Orchid flower" flatters most those with a cool skin tone. If you belong to the winter and summer colouring groups, this tone of magenta will definitely compliment your features.

Fair Green

A true calming yet cheerful green hue are some words to describe this pale green. Perfect for those whose skin has a warm skin tone. Fair green will undoubtedly enhance your complexion if you're a part of the spring colouring group.

Very Peri

The colour that made headlines! Described as a vibrant periwinkle hue with violet-red undertones, according to Pantone. This colour will work wonders if you are cool-toned, more specifically if you belong to the summer colouring crowd, giving you an air of tranquility and warmth.

Coca Mocha

An earthy tone that reminds us of a fresh cup of coffee or hot cocoa, attributing to a cozy feel. If you have a warm undertone or autumn colouring, Coca Mocha should be one of your new go-to's.

Colour can either enhance your features or drain them. It's all about knowing what shades and hues work best on you. However, this is just a guide to help you narrow down the options among this year's colour picks, not a rulebook! So, have fun and be yourself regardless of what you wear!


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