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What is Twitter Blue? Twitter’s subscription service.

Subscription services have been around for a long time. Initially starting out in the news media industry in the form of magazines and newspapers. Today, the concept of a subscription has significantly evolved. One can subscribe to anything and everything, from food kits to makeup curated boxes to streaming services.

Now, Twitter has joined the (subscription service) chat by launching Twitter Blue. But what exactly is it? Well, we are here to answer your questions!

Twitter Blue is the social media platform's paid subscription service offering exclusive features for a monthly fee. The features include:

Custom Navigation Setup:

Twitter's navigation setup will be (in a way) custom-tailored to the user's needs. The app will allow at least two and up to six choices in the navigation bar.

Undoing Tweets:

Twitter will now let you undo a tweet. The feature is turned on by default if you are a member of the Twitter Blue service. “Undo Tweets” enables you to preview a published tweet and have up to a minute to undo a tweet (thread or reply).

Custom Twitter App Icon and Theme Colors:

Now, you can edit your Twitter app icon on your home screen. The feature allows you to choose from several colors and seasonal displays on your phone. A similar feature lets you pick theme colors for your Twitter home page.

Twitter Labs:

The Twitter Blue subscription grants you early access to upcoming features before they are available to the regular user. Aside from exclusive tools, subscribers can upload longer videos (up to 10 minutes) and pin direct message conversations.

Improving your reading experience:

The Reader feature provides an improved browsing and reading experience by showcasing threads smoothly and continuously. The text size is now adjustable to your liking. Usernames, avatars, and the published date are removed to avoid distractions.

Bookmark Folders:

Saving tweets are now easier to organize thanks to the BookMark Folder feature. After bookmarking a tweet, you will be asked to either create or add the tweet to an existing folder. This feature allows you to save an unlimited number of tweets and keeps your folders private.

No Ads Articles

Obviously! Ad-free content is almost always one of the benefits of a subscription service. However, Twitter Blue only enables this feature while viewing articles and no other content.

Now that we have discussed the benefits, let's talk about money. The app's subscription service fee is USD 3, 4.49 AU, 3.49 CA, or 4.49 NZ. These prices are listed as "introductory" on Twitter, implying they might be subject to change.

This is essentially what Twitter Blue is all about. Their subscription service was only launched last year, which can explain why the benefits list is relatively simple. Only time will they if the Twitter-paid version is worth it or not!


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