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Brands That Have Successfully Rebranded

Updated: May 3

Brand rebranding goes beyond a mere change in logo. It involves shifts in marketing strategy and even brand ethos. Today, social media plays a pivotal role in this process, profoundly impacting consumer behavior. It has become essential for brands to leverage social platforms to market products, connect with target audiences, and engage diverse demographics. To stay relevant, brands must continually adapt to trending behaviors and preferences. 

Keep reading to discover how various brands are navigating the rise of social media through rebranding, and the innovative strategies they're employing. Learn from their successes to enhance your own brand's approach in this dynamic landscape.

  1. GAP

GAP, a longstanding fashion brand known for their affordable but stylish clothing, has seen its fair share of rebranding endeavors over the years. Recently, they made a significant move by bringing on board iconic women’s dresses designer Zach Posen as their creative director, aiming to rejuvenate the brand's “cultural and style relevance”. This ambition materialized in their Spring 2024 campaign, where rising music artist Tyla, known for her TikTok hit "Water," was featured prominently. 

Additionally, the collaboration with viral music group Jungle, known for their song "Back on 74," saw them showcasing GAP's linen products while performing their viral dance. This innovative approach not only highlights the comfort and versatility of GAP's clothing but also taps into the power of utilizing social media and viral trends when planning and executing a brand’s campaign.

GAP’s spring 2024 campaign video

  1. Crocs 

The evolution of Crocs is a fascinating story. Once considered the epitome of unattractive footwear, they've experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity, especially among Gen Z. This turnaround can be attributed to their savvy marketing tactics, including collaborations with influential celebrities like Justin Bieber and SZA, as well as high-fashion brands like Balenciaga. Crocs' ability to adapt to social media trends and fashion culture is evident in their partnership choices and diverse product offerings. What sets Crocs apart is their enduring commitment to individuality, showcased through their customizable shoe charms—a feature that has remained integral to the brand since its inception. This unwavering authenticity amidst rebranding efforts solidifies Crocs as a brand that embraces its unique identity, thriving in a society that values individualism.

  1. Cerave

CeraVe executed a brilliant move in their recent Super Bowl campaign, teaming up with actor Michael Cera to create "Michael Cerave." The hilarious video features Michael Cera endorsing CeraVe as his own cream, weaving in essential information about the company and its ingredients. 

Leading up to this campaign, CeraVe strategically collaborated with influencers, generating amusing content such as one where influencer Haley Kalil “stumbles” upon Michael Cera signing CeraVe bottles with his name. This campaign was not only hilarious by leveraging Michael Cera's last name but also demonstrated savvy utilization of social media platforms. By rebranding themselves as a brand with a lighthearted approach, CeraVe has created an iconic campaign with Michael Cera, ensuring their brand name becomes even more memorable in the process.


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