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Discover Unique Creations by Indie Designers

In the dynamic world of fashion, indie designers stand out as an entity of creativity and risk taking, setting themselves apart from large corporate fashion companies. Indie designers bring a unique touch to their creations, emphasizing craftsmanship, personal stories, and often, sustainability. Their creations reflect an intimate connection between the designer and the consumer, instilling individuality and authenticity that can be rare in mass-produced fashion.

We will be looking at the unique creations and styles of three indie designers, exploring their unique stories and the inspiration behind their designs. Hailing from Asia, these designers have significantly influenced the fashion scene in their respective countries, showcasing and celebrating their culture with the world through their impactful designs. 

1. Ji Chandrvirochana 

is the innovative founder and creative director of Sasi Knits. Ji is originally from Thailand, but studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she started the development of indie online brand, Sasi Knits. 

Sasi Knits is a vibrant knitwear fashion brand, that celebrates Thai textiles and craftsmanship, showcasing the incredible versatility of yarn. The designs exude a youthful and "IT" girl vibe, perfectly aligning with the latest fashion trends. Notably, the material is expertly structured, enhancing and flattering the body for a chic and contemporary look.

Beyond their adorable designs, Sasi Knits is a made-to-order company, emphasizing sustainability and minimizing waste, critical values in an industry where fashion ranks among the top contributors to environmental impact.

2. Karishma Shahani Khan

Our next indie designer is Karishma Shahani Khan. She founded the brand Ka-Sha, a brand that embraces artisans and hand craftsmanship in their designs. 

Karishma, a graduate of the London College of Fashion, comes from an Indian household rooted in sustainability practices, a common ideology in her community. This commitment to sustainability transcends into Karishma's fashion brand. Each piece is personally designed, handcrafted, and dyed, embodying a personal touch that defines the essence of her brand.

Interestingly, Karishma draws inspiration from the social sciences, translating these influences into meticulously designed pieces. The result is a collection of clothing that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, creating not only stylish but also wearable garments that stand the test of time.

2. Tom Trandt

Based in Vietnam, Tom Trandt, a Parsons School of Design graduate, founded the fashion forward brand, Môi Điên, a collective of indie fashion designers in Vietnam united by a shared passion for craftsmanship and art.

Tom infuses youthful energy into Vietnamese streetwear styles, captivating the local community. His designs seamlessly blend the beauty of traditional Vietnamese styles with a modern, youthful attitude, featuring structured silhouettes that redefine the cultural narrative.

Tom talks about his journey and encouraging young designers to follow their visions and keep taking the next step.

Recently appointed Art Director of Hanoia, a beloved handcrafting brand in Vietnam, Tom's rebellious fashion ideology merges beautifully with Hanoia's traditional craftsmanship. This unique partnership is one to watch, blending innovation with traditional values.

Indie designers and brands will always be an integral part of the fashion industry. These visionaries, like Ji Chandrvirochana, Karishma Shahani Khan, and Tom Trandt, craft beautiful clothing through sustainable, personally crafted pieces built to transcend time.


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