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Gen Z Brands and Entrepreneurs You Should Know About

Generation Z is the new wave of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Check out these exciting Gen Z brands and the people behind them!

4AM Skin

4AM Skin promotes "do more for your skin, by doing less.'' This laid-back skincare brand offers all-in-one products, simplifying skincare routines and avoiding the potential harm caused by excessive product layering.

Founded by Sabrina Sade and co-founder Jade Beguelin, two Gen Z entrepreneurs, aiming to revolutionize the skincare industry. Sabrina, a skincare influencer and medical student, alongside Jade, a former Wall Street worker, were frustrated by complex routines not fitting their fast-paced lifestyles. This led to the creation of 4AM Skin, catering to young people's hectic yet exhilarating lives while ensuring effectiveness.

They describe their company as an "anti-wellness" skincare brand, encouraging customers to embrace their imperfections and enjoy life's moments without stressing over elaborate skincare routines. In an age where perfection is often idolized, 4AM Skin celebrates the joy and spontaneity of life, offering a refreshing perspective on skincare and self-care.

Kartik Research

This menswear brand was started in New Delhi in 2021 amid the pandemic. It is a brand that embraces handmade clothing and the rich style of Indian culture and fashion, with A-listers such as Kendrick Lamar dawning their pieces.

Kartik takes inspiration for his designs from his home in India as well as his own experiences traveling and seeing the world. The brand works closely with artisans to create meticulously handcrafted pieces, giving customers a one-of-a-kind piece that is also sustainably made. 

It's August

Gen Z, renowned for challenging norms in a static world, finds a notable ally in It’s August. This innovative brand offers sustainable, comfortable period products, advocating inclusivity for all individuals experiencing menstruation, regardless of gender, race, or culture.

It was founded by Nick Jain and Nadya Okamoto, both Forbes 30 under 30 honorees in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Nick, a Princeton graduate, had already launched two companies before the age of 23, while Nadya, a Harvard alumna, is passionate about promoting period positivity. Recognizing the need for sustainable period products and aiming to combat the stigma surrounding menstruation, Nadya's vision emphasizes empowerment. They believe in using their brand to change the narrative around periods to inspire positivity and confidence.

Founders Nick Jain (left) and Nadya Okamoto (right)

Their product range includes period pads, tampons, hoodies, and cute pouches for period products. Their website offers transparency on sustainability practices and provides a clear breakdown of their supply chain, forming trust with their customers and encouraging transparency among other brands. 

These are just a few of the fascinating brands emerging from the minds of young Gen Z entrepreneurs. Despite Gen Z often being labeled as high maintenance or chronically online, these traits actually serve as strengths. They demonstrate a keen understanding of audience desires and possess the courage to pursue their passions regardless of external perceptions.


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