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Marketing Then and Now

With the popularity of social media, many are moving away from the traditional ways of marketing and opting for more modern marketing techniques instead. Instead of finding your next tutor through advertisements, perhaps you’ll encounter them explaining statistics puzzles or debunking myths on TikTok!

Let’s explore how the way people market themselves online has changed!

Traditional marketing:

Most forms of traditional marketing focused more on the product or service, instead of on the individual and their personal branding. This is typically in the form of demonstrating the value or skill that you can provide.

With the example of a tutor, traditional marketing may involve showcasing the grades that their students achieved, as well as testimonials from past students about the benefits of the tutoring.

Modern marketing:

Nowadays, more and more are instead using their personalities to market themselves on social media, instead of solely emphasising the skills. By fostering a community on social media, you can connect better with the audience and build more trust, making them more interested in the product or service you’re offering.

Marketing on social media will also increase the number of people you can reach, even if they are not currently looking for the product or service you’re providing. However, if they are looking for it someday down the line, you’ll also likely be more memorable to them because of your unique and interesting branding.

David Suh (@davidsuh) is an example of using modern ways of marketing to promote his photography brand. He has built up a community on social media about teaching people how to pose and debunking the idea that some people are just not photogenic, and offers a luxury photoshoot experience for people who want guidance throughout the entire process. By marketing himself not only as a photographer, but also as an empowerment coach to boost your confidence, he can charge over USD$4850 for the photoshoot process. Clients are not only paying for the service itself, but also for David’s personality and the opportunity to work with him.

Another example of modern marketing is with Dr. Anthony Youn (@doctoryoun), who works as a plastic surgeon. His social media features a mix of funny, medical content, patient results, and general beauty advice and reactions, garnering a large audience of over 8.3M followers. By providing both funny and educational content, he is able to build more trust and connection with his audience, encouraging them to look towards his practice when considering plastic surgery.

If traditional marketing isn’t working for you, or you’re looking to expand the audience you can reach, modern forms of marketing are definitely something to consider! Marketing on social media isn’t only limited to small businesses and creative ventures, but can also be very valuable for a multitude of careers, ranging from doctors and lawyers to chefs and cleaners.


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