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5 tips on how you can optimize your profile

1. It’s all about the name

Use the same username for all your social media accounts, and remember to keep it simple!

Add your name + business category, this will make your account pop when searching for a specific business field

2. Your bio is just as important too!

Think of your bio as an elevator pitch, use the right keywords! Convert your audience to your customers!

Important features:

  • Contact info

  • Website

  • Clear description

3. Organize your highlights

Have an organized and detailed section for your promotional content, testimonials, and your story!

4. Choose your best time to post

Check your Instagram insights to see at what time your audience is more active, and therefore more engaging.

5. Personal brand: use your photo

Develop a connection and trust with your audience, adding a face to the account really makes your followers feel closer to you!


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