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90s fashion comeback

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Time really flies, the 25-year fashion cycle has turned around and 90’s trends are appearing on the streets again. ​​This resurgence of “old” fashion has resulted in truly mixed emotions. Most of Gen Z enthusiastically started digging into the movie archives on Pinterest, while some Millenials, who already lived through this, believe that “if you wore it once, you can’t wear it again”.

But the truth is, the days of mono-trends have passed away. Today’s fashion is so diffused and imagery-driven, that you can find examples of almost any style at any point. That’s why the 90’s in 2021 are quite different from those 30 years ago.

Experiment with trends, follow your taste, and never take fashion too seriously - it’s all about fun!

We found some looks of 90’ style icons that can help you better feel the vibe of that time:

#1 Claudia Schiffer and her casual elegance

#2 Dazzling Naomi

#3 Monochrome chic from Kate Moss

#4 Playful Christy Turlington

#5 Endlessly feminine Cindy Crawford

#6 Exquisite Linda Evangelista


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