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Empowering the Deaf with a ‘Nothing to Hide’ Attitude

Rita, the visionary founder behind L’AUR by L.A., formerly known as Little Auricles, has embarked on a mission since 2020: to shift perceptions surrounding hearing aids. By merging fashion and functionality, she seeks to empower the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, helping them embrace their unique identities. With an audiologist's expertise, Rita is rewriting the narrative around hearing aids, turning them from mere devices into statements of pride. Not only that, but 2% of their profits are donated to Sounds of Hope.

Relaunch Campaign - Creative Lead - The Stylatude

When and why did you start "Little Auricles"?

I launched Little Auricles in 2020 to empower the deaf and hard of hearing, aiming to change the stigma around hearing aids by promoting a 'nothing to hide' attitude.

What's the story behind the name "Little Auricles"?

"Auricle" refers to the visible portion of the outer ear. Our initial focus was on children's hearing aid accessories before expanding to adult jewelry, hence "Little Auricles" signifying "little ears.''

Do you come from a jewelry or design background?

Interestingly, I'm an audiologist by profession!

Were there challenges in bringing this idea to life?

Absolutely. Manufacturing posed challenges as our products were novel. Exclusive illustrations, 3D drawings, and manufacturing became our unique value propositions.

What are the main challenges of your business?

Since we cater to a niche market, global visibility is a challenge, though social media has been immensely helpful.

How has the reception of your hearing aid accessories changed self-perceptions?

Many used to hide their hearing aids. But after introducing our jewelry, there's a noticeable shift towards confidence. Our products have spurred a 'nothing to hide' sentiment across social media, fostering a broader positive movement.

What drives the aesthetics of your designs?

For our children's accessories, we collaborate with Australian illustrators. For adult jewelry, we align with current fashion trends to dictate our designs.

Could you share the impact of your products on your customers?

It's been heartwarming. We receive countless messages from the deaf and hard of hearing community expressing gratitude for products that accentuate rather than conceal their hearing aids and cochlear implants.

What's the future vision for L’AUR by L.A.?

We've just launched L’AUR by L.A., expanding our jewelry range. Our goal is to offer inclusive jewelry that resonates with everyone.

Rita's inspiring journey with Little Auricles and its evolution to L’AUR by L.A. is a testament to the power of innovation and empathy. Through her pioneering accessories, she has not only enhanced aesthetics for the hard of hearing but also forged a path of acceptance and pride in their community.

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