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Navigating Mental Health in the Digital Age: A Conversation with the Founder of Hong Kong Project

In today's digital-driven landscape, mental health challenges are increasingly prevalent. The founder of the Hong Kong Project Maria Bateman created an online safe space designed to support mental well-being, shares insights on the intersection of social media and mental health, and offers advice on fostering a supportive community.

How would you succinctly describe the Hong Kong Project? In three words: supportive, local, and community.

What was the inspiration behind the Hong Kong Project and its future goals? I created the Hong Kong Project out of a personal need for such a space. Instagram offers a casual platform to connect with others, ensuring no one feels alone. Our aspiration is for it to become a broader, multilingual, international community.

What's the primary contributor to mental health challenges in Hong Kong? Academic stress stands out in Hong Kong as a significant factor. The Hong Kong Project aims to alleviate some of this pressure through practical exercises and support.

Who drives the Hong Kong Project? It's a collaborative effort powered by a team of dedicated volunteers with varied expertise.

How can we champion mental health awareness? Being an ally and sharing mental health information can make a difference. Always remain attentive to behavioral changes in those around you and check in on their well-being.

How can individuals better communicate their emotions? The cognitive triangle of feelings, thoughts, and actions has been a personal tool. It helps to journal these aspects and then share with trusted individuals. The Hong Kong Project also offers a non-judgmental space for such conversations.

What's your advice for addressing mental health challenges? Seek professional help. Start with accessible resources like school counselors and gradually branch out.

What's your personal strategy for managing negative emotions? Journaling has been transformative for me, enabling self-reflection and clarity.

How can we redefine the impact of social media on our mental health? Social media can be isolating, but it should be a space of connection. The Hong Kong Project embodies this principle, offering an oasis amid the potential pressures of online platforms.

How can one better assist those grappling with emotional challenges? Research, gentle outreach, and discerning what kind of support the individual needs - be it comfort, support, or space - are crucial.

In an era where the digital domain can both hinder and help mental health, platforms like the Hong Kong Project serve as invaluable resources. Through community-driven initiatives, we can shift the narrative around mental well-being and cultivate spaces of genuine support.

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