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Fashion Week's Impact on Businesses, Buyers, and Trends

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Fashion week occurs twice every year, with emerging and established designers displaying their collections to industry insiders. Every fashion week reveals the spring-summer and autumn-winter collections in renowned cities across the globe. Nevertheless, fashion weeks are much more than a showcasing event; they significantly influence businesses, consumer behavior, and trends! As fashion week starts, journalists, influences, business executives, fashion enthusiasts (among others) rush to be a part of the showcasing events. With fashion week around the corner, let's break down how the fashion world exhibits its latest ideas and trends through art and, more importantly, the impact such events have. Labeled as the Big Four: Paris, Milan, London, and New York fashion weeks are the events we need to watch out for, as they influence how we buy and ultimately dress.


From a business perspective, retailers get involved with the fashion week schedule to gain knowledge. They get to personally see the upcoming ideas, colors, textiles design, and silhouettes and easily incorporate them into their stores or boutiques. Getting a glimpse of what is new will allow business executives to better prepare their inventory while viewing different perspectives of the fashion world. Retailers are major industry shapers, as they are the ones who decide what goes into shops, and ultimately our wardrobes.


Fashion is ever-changing, yet it can be classic and timeless at the same time. Every year each fashion show delivers a new concept of what is fashionable. Fashion shows influence many trends that have come and gone throughout the years, mirrored throughout the fashion world. Every year fashion designers get to pave a new way for the fashion industry to adjust and grow. As the world gets more connected, fashion reaches different corners of the world. Every year thousands of fashion designers emerge, all seeking one goal, to express themselves to the world. Emerging designers are directly or indirectly influenced by the trends set by renowned designers, thereby allowing such trends to reach every buyer worldwide.


Let's discuss how fashion shows affect us, the buyers. Fashion designers depict a beautiful story through their designs -whether dramatic, extravagant, classic, or bold. Fashion shows are one of the marketing channels they use to exhibit their story. As more customers connect with brands through their storytelling, brands experience growth. While consumers discover new ways to express their style, beliefs, and creativity through the newly set trends.

Fashion week is the most awaited event in the fashion world, where the industry's top designers display their latest collections. However, it isn't all about models strutting the runway. Fashion week's purpose is more than a catwalk filled with insiders and photographers. Fashion week's goal is much more meaningful as it unfolds the upcoming impact on the industry, buyers, and businesses.


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