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Golden Softness. Autumn Type Colour Analysis

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

In autumn nature has the richest colour palette: reddish, bronze, and brownish shades that blend all together. The same is for girls who belong to this season - their pigments are warm, moderately saturated, and mellow. They can look dramatic, gentle, bright or dim, but all in all, the appearance of Autumn girls will be always warm, muted and deep.

Depending on which characteristic is the leading one we can distinguish three seasonal sub-groups:

🍁Soft autumn (muted-dominant; warm-secondary)

🍁True autumn (warm-dominant; muted-secondary)

🍁Dark autumn (dark-dominant; warm-secondary)

Check their characteristics below to know in what category you fall into:

🍁Soft autumn

🍁True autumn

🍁Dark autumn


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