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How TikTok Influences Fashion Trends Today

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

In this past year, the influence of TikTok has grown massively. Whether you are a content creator, a brand or part of the audience there is no denying that the minute-long videos are increasing in popularity, giving us bitesize information on our favourite things.

For fashion, TikTok has become a pivotal point in trends, particularly among Gen Z. TikTok creators show their favourite outfits, hauls and style tips. Certain trends can explode in a few days with enough people using hashtags and sounds, creating videos on their new looks with everyone’s favourite items. Below, read three trends that have been influenced by TikTok.

1. This year, users on the app became completely obsessed with 2000s fashion. The hashtag #Y2KFashion has over 58 million hits and counting, according to TikTok. Brands like Juicy Couture, Tommy Girl and Dior are stapled Y2K fashion brands. Flashy jewellery, shoulder bags and two-piece skirts and tops became a favourite outfit from this trend amongst TikTok users.

Magda Butrym Spring/Summer 2021

2. With everyone at home due to the pandemic, handmade and crochet fashion made a comeback this year. Crochet cardigans, dresses and two-piece sets started circling on TikTok and with Harry Styles' viral patchwork knit sweater by JW Anderson soon, everyone started picking up the crochet needles. You can see how the trend corresponds to the runway fashion this season too.

Tiktok: House of Sunny Hockney Dress

3. Sustainable fashion is more in the eyes of the public this year, especially with fashion-conscious young people. Sustainable fashion brands like House Of Sunny have used TikTok’s algorithm to reach more people with short videos showcasing their items. This way brands can interact on a personal level with their audience. From bleaching trends, upcycling vintage items and shopping more consciously - TikTok is having an influence on fashion trends and the environment.


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