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How to style mismatched Prints?

Ahhhh, one way or another, we have all heard the phrase “don’t mix your prints” making us quite hesitant to opt for this daring look. But here’s the thing, just like the fashion world is constantly changing so are its rules. Of course, we will not pair 10 different patterns together and call it a day, the result would be too saturated. Matching prints and patterns is somewhat of a tricky task. This is why here is a list of tips and tricks to help you plan your next outfit.

Know your Pattern

In the endless world of prints and patterns, knowing your pattern is the most important tip!

We have two ways to go:

  • Using the same print gives you a look of cohesion. For example, stripes on stripes give you some simplicity in the midst of an eye-catching look.

  • Using different prints is another style you can opt for, but remember to stick with one general color scheme. You can use two different prints, but sticking with one color scheme can help tone the contrast down.

Use solid colors to break down busy outfits

When you feel like you have too much going on, tone down your outfit with some solid colors. Give the eyes a break in between all the prints.

  • Animal prints are perfect for attempting your wild side by styling it with a milder color. To style the look to its full potential, adding neutral and natural colors like muted yellows, browns and black is a great way to go!

Make a bold statement by using complementary colors

  • If you want your outfit to be loud but still look put together, complementary colors are the way to go. These colors are the colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Red and green, pink and lime, and orange and blue are examples of complementary pairs.

Remember, the world of prints and patterns is endless, and so are your styling possibilities! Have fun, be bold, be simple, be whatever you’d like to, but always be yourself. Fashion is the best way to express yourself and prints can almost always help you achieve that goal.


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