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Upcoming Sustainable Fashion Trends

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

As each year passes, fashion consumers become increasingly aware of the negative impacts of their purchasing choices on the environment, which is very fortunate and definitely a positive change. The people who are becoming more and more aware of the effects of their over-reliance on fast fashion are the people who are going to slow down and make more sustainable fashion choices.

That is why it is not unreasonable to predict that the approach to fashion, clothing production practices styles, colors, and materials are likely to reflect this increased desire for sustainability in the years ahead.

Here are the trends to keep an eye out for in 2020, 2021, and more years to come.

Less Is Going To Be More

Just because you want to look your best and dress your best, it does not mean that your wardrobe needs to be overflowed with clothes that you almost never wear. All you really need to do in order to look sharp is streamline your wardrobe and explore different ways to wear fewer clothes.

The process of streamlining your clothes needs to start in the store before you even decide to buy a garment. Before you buy each piece of new clothing, you should try to think of alternate options to wear and combine it with the pieces you already own in your wardrobe. You are going to be surprised by the number of ways to wear a clothing piece that you can come up with, especially when you have a limited number of garments that you allow yourself to buy.

In addition, keep in mind that you should never feel embarrassed to repeat outfits and wear the same clothes all the time. After all, Mark Zuckerberg can wear his grey t-shirt religiously, and he is a billionaire. What stops you? When you have more important things to focus on, fashion becomes frivolous and not important.

Second-Hand Clothes Are a New Hit

Younger generations are chasing second-hand clothing like never before, and we are happy to see it. If you do not believe us, type ‘Thrift Haul’ in your YouTube search bar and look at the number of videos that are going to come up. Younger people are aware that second-hand clothing is the best way to make your fashion more sustainable, and we should all follow in their footsteps.

Keep in mind that no brand-new clothing can be more sustainable than second-hand clothing. The days where second-hand was barely an option are long gone, and smart fashion consumers are choosing second-hand, sustainable clothing.

Second-hand clothing is more retro, original, comfortable, durable, and pocket-friendly. If you have not started with second-hand shopping yet, you should give it a try, because second-hand shopping can make your fashion game more sustainable and stylish.

Renting Clothes

So, you have that big wedding coming up, and you don’t want to spend 200$ on the bridesmaid’s dress that you are never going to wear again? It will just take up space in your closet for years and years, but you will feel like it’s just too expensive to donate or throw away. Well, all you have to do is rent the dress, wear it on the big day, and then return it! This approach to fashion is more eco-friendly, sustainable, cheaper, and less of a headache for everyone. This approach works for wedding dresses and tuxedos, but it also works for other elegant dresses and garments.


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