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Why Business Owners And Freelancers Need Professional Portraits

Do you still use portraits that you or your friend took casually for your professional online profile? Maybe it’s time to change that!

In today’s competitive industry landscape, a professional portrait is vital in presenting your best foot forward! While you might not think images are not as important in the business world, depending on your industry, portraits can have a significant impact on how others perceive you and your personal brand.

Regardless of if you’re a business owner, a freelancer, or any other professional, portraits can elevate your personal brand and create opportunities in your work. Here are three reasons why you need professional portraits in today’s world:

  • Build a strong first impression

Professional photos not only capture the viewer’s attention, but also can provide a memorable first impression, which makes it all the more important to make sure the portrait represents you well. This could involve a simple but effective headshot for a professional look, images of you in your workspace to showcase what you do, or a fun portrait to encapsulate your personality, depending on how you want to present yourself.

  • Humanise your brand or image

For business owners or freelancers, your clients will be more drawn to you if they are able to know you and your motivations better! People tend to be more likely to work with someone they know and trust, and the first step in building that connection can be made through these photos. By being able to attach a face to your name, you’ll be able to build more trust with your clients, customers, and other professional connections.

  • Receive quality photographs

While you could perhaps achieve some of this without having to go to a professional, the quality of the photos from a professional photographer and their experience is incomparable. Photographers understand the angles and lighting that will best represent your brand and image, and can translate your specific needs into a vision.


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