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Gentle Beauty. Summer Type Colour Analysis

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Summer is one of the lightest and most graceful types in the Seasonal theory analysis. Its colours are lit by twilight: cool, blended, with powdered and muted hues. Nothing too intense or hard-edged.

The appearance of summer girls is cool, soft, and light. Some features can dominate over others, so Summer can be categorised into 3 subgroups: Light Summer, True Summer, and Soft Summer, which will lead you towards the colours that flatter you the most.

☀️ Light summer (light-dominant; cool-secondary)

☀️ True summer (cool-dominant; muted-secondary)

☀️ Soft summer (muted-dominant; cool-secondary)

☀️Light Summer

☀️ True Summer

☀️ Soft Summer

Screenshot your colour palette, so you can always have it around.


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