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7 Chinese Celebrity Fashion Icons You Should Follow

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Check out some of the trendiest Chinese Female Celebrities if you haven't yet already. If you're ever in need of fashion or style inspirations or you just love Red Carpet coverage then read on!

1. Angelababy

Chinese Model & Actress and most famously as one of the main cast in China's reality show, Hurry Up Brothers. She is also Dior's China ambassador and have appeared in numerous Fashion covers. She is always styled beautifully from her red carpet appearance to airport fashion looks.

2. Victoria Song

Chinese singer, dancer, actress, model and a popular TV presenter. Most recently as one of the teacher/trainer for idol trainees on the reality competition show, CHUANG 2020. Victoria first debut as one of the members from SM Korean girl band f(x) in 2009 and debut as a solo artists from 2018. She is a popular front row guest for many fashion show, making her my personal favourite are her looks with Saint Laurent. Her personal style also reflects a combination of Korean & Western elements.

3. G.E.M

Not only is she one of the best female singers in Asia she is also style icon now. Her most noticeable change in style was when she was one of the judges at "The Rap of China". You'll see the latest and hottest streetwear items on her and it's not surprising because her boyfriend/stylist is a Hype-beast too!

4. Ouyang Nana

Ouyang Nana maybe young but is widely known for her musical talent.If you like uni-sex styles you'd definitely love Ouyang Nana. She has such a sweet and girly appearance but you'll hardly see her wear anything sexy or girly instead she loves to wear street-casual outfits and suits! She's also a fan of converse. You'll find outfit inspiration on her instagram feed that you can also follow.

5. Nini

Ni Ni is a Chinese Actress and is one of the New Four Dan Actresses in 2013. This stunning actress is not only a hot pick for Chinese box-office hits she was handpicked by Alessandro Michele as the face of Gucci.

6. Yang Mi

Award winning actress Yang Mi is also one of the New Four Dan Actresses in 2013. With her high popularity in China she was reported as the most influential actress on consumer purchases in China by Alibaba and CBNData in 2018.

7. Esther Yu

Chinese actress Esther Yu and most recently the second runner up in 2020 Chinese survival showYouth With You Season 2 and debut as one the members of THE9. It is no wonder we can see her references of Korean aesthetics in her style because, Esther is a big K-Pop fan, she's a BLINK and also an ARMY.

Comment below your favourite Chinese Celebrity Icon!

Stay tuned for Korean Celebrity Fashion icons!


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